Practices of Anti-dumping investigation by India

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According to statistics from the World Trade Organization (WTO) as of the end of 2021, India is the most frequent user of anti-dumping measures. Of the nearly 6,500 anti-dumping investigations initiated globally, India initiated 1,100 cases, accounting for 16.95%. Regarding anti-dumping measures applied, India applied 767 anti-dumping measures, accounting for 17.63% of the total 4350 anti-dumping measures applied.

Figure 1: Countries using the most anti-dumping measures (1995-2021)

Source: WTO data

In 2021, due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on global production, the number of newly initiated anti-dumping investigations decreased significantly, compared to the increasing trend in previous years. India initiated 29 anti-dumping investigations in 2021 compared to 92 cases in 2020 and 59 cases in 2019.

Figure 2: Trends of initiation of anti-dumping investigations by some economies (2017-2021)

Source: WTO data


Countries/territories subject to the most anti-dumping measures by India

Anti-dumping is the most common trade remedy measure in India (accounting for 93.6% of the total number of trade remedy investigations by India). China is the country subject to the most anti-dumping investigations with 268 initiations (accounting for 24.4% of total India’s anti-dumping investigations).

Figure 3: Anti-dumping investigation by India

Source: WTO data

Out of 767 anti-dumping measures imposed by India, 207 measures were imposed against China (accounting for 27%), followed by Korea with 57 measures, Taipei (54 measures), EU (52 measures) (accounting for 7%)…

Figure 4: Top countries subject to most anti-dumping investigations by India (1995-2021) 

Source: WTO data


Product groups subject to the most anti-dumping measures by India

India imposed anti-dumping measures the most on products of the chemical industries (accounting for 47%), followed by plastic and rubber  (14%), base metals and textiles (10%)…

Figure 5: Sector subject to the most anti-dumping measures by India

Source: WTO data


Source: Center for WTO and International Trade

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