Report: Trade Remedies in 2022

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Time: 2023


By: Trade Remedies Administration - Ministry of Industry and Trade


Trade Remedies Administration is an organization under the Ministry of Industry and Trade, performing the function of advising and assisting the Minister of Industry and Trade in state management and organization law enforcement agencies in the areas of anti-dumping, anti-subsidy and safeguard.


For the purpose of synthesizing activities implemented in 2022, including the following contents: (i) Trade situation and trend of applying trade remedies in the world 2022; (ii) The situation of Vietnam's trade remedy law enforcement organization in 2022; (iii) A number of foreign trade remedies applied to Vietnam's exports in 2022; (iv) Early warning work and fight to prevent origin fraud and illegal transshipment in order to evade trade remedies. The Trade Remedies Administration has completed and published the "Annual Report on Trade Remedies in 2022".



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The report (in Vietnamese) is attached below:

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Annual Report on Trade Remedies in 2022 (in Vietnamese)
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