Interested parties


Interested parties include: (i) an exporter or foreign producer or the importer of a product subject to investigation, or a trade or business association a majority of the members of which are producers, exporters or importers of such product; (ii) the government of the exporting Member; and (iii) a producer of the like product in the importing Member or a trade and business association a majority of the members of which produce the like product in the territory of the importing Member.



See “on the spot investigation”.

Threat of injury can exist where a change in circumstances which would create a situation in which the dumping would cause injury must be clearly foreseen and imminent



Where a final determination of injury is made where the effect of the dumped imports would, in the absence of the provisional measures, have led to a determination of injury, anti dumping duties may be levied retroactively for the period for which provisional measures, if any, have been applied.

Related company


Producers shall be deemed to be related to exporters or importers only if (a) one of them directly or indirectly controls the other; or (b) both of them are directly or indirectly controlled by a third person; or (c) together they directly or indirectly control a third person, provided that there are grounds for believing or suspecting that the effect of the relationship is such as to cause the producer concerned to behave differently from non-related producers.

Duty system where duty levels are calculated on the basis of historical data and applied to future transactions regards of actual prices (must be accompanied by the possibility to claim refunds if dumping is not occurring).

See “provisional anti-dumping measures”.

Investigation at the premises of an interested party that has completed a questionnaire to verify information provided or to obtain further details.

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