Turkey initiates an anti-circumvention investigation of anti-dumping measures on solar energy panel products from Vietnam

12/12/2023 12:28 - 4 Views

The investigated goods are photovoltaic cells assembled into modules or arranged in panels, collectively referred to as solar energy panels, classified under HS code 8541.


The petitioner is GÜNDER-International Solar Energy Community Turkey Chapter. Alongside the announcement, the DGI has dispatched investigation questionnaires to relevant parties. The deadline for submitting the investigation questionnaire is 37 days from the date of issuing the notice.


Companies not receiving the questionnaire should contact the investigating authority to register as interested parties, respond to the questionnaire, to be qualified for preferential or exempted duty rates. This is crucial because, in most cases, businesses producing and exporting the investigated products that do not participate in the investigation process may face nationwide general duty rates, which are often high and disadvantageous for businesses, especially those compliant with trade protection laws.


To safeguard their interests, businesses are advised to reach out to a reputable legal firm specializing in anti-dumping and trade remedy to receive timely advice and support throughout the investigation process. Support may include drafting and preparing documents for submission to the investigating authority, as well as strategizing on how to demonstrate that the business has not violated trade laws or deserves a lower duty rate compared to other enterprises.



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