The Philippines: Anti-dumping duty on China glass imports expires

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Imported clear and bronze float glass from China can now enter the Philippines at cheaper cost following the expiry of the five-year definitive anti-dumping duty imposed by the government against the imported product from China.


The Tariff Commission (TC) said the anti-dumping measure on the clear float glass automatically expired last Sept. 6 after a five year implementation. The TC further said they received no request to conduct an expiry review of the measure imposed.


“The Commission has not received endorsement from the DTI of any request for an expiry review of the imposition of the AD duty on clear and bronze float glass from the People’s Republic of China,” TC said.


The Bureau of Custom (BOC) issued Customs Memorandum Circular (CMC) No. 138-2017 dated 06 September 2017 to implement the Department of Trade and Industry’s (DTI) Order to collect definitive anti-dumping (AD) duties on importations of clear float glass and bronze float glass from the PROC for a period of five years.


The order provides for the imposition of the definitive anti-dumping duty in the amount of $4.00/MT to $67.00/MT on imported clear float glass (AHTN Code 7005.2990) and $17.00/MT to $167.00/MT on imported bronze float glass (AHTN Code 7005.2190) originating and exported from PROC for a period of five years.


The anti-dumping duty is exporter specific. In the case of the clear and float glass, the DTI identified Riders Glass Co. Ltd. And Xinyl Group (Glass) Co. Ltd. among other Chinese exporters for dumping both clear and bronze float glass products into the Philippines.


The imposition of anti-dumping duty on imported Chinese products stemmed from a petition filed by AGC Flat Glass Philippines, Inc. (AGPH), formerly Asahi Glass Philippines, Inc., the country’s lone glass manufacturer. AFGPH alleged of material injury on its business because Chinese exporters have been dumping clear and bronze flat glasses into the country.


TQMP Glass Manufacturing Corp. acquired 100 percent of the AGPH shares in 2018 and now operates the Philippine Float Glass Plant under the name Pioneer Float Glass Manufacturing Inc. (PFGMI).


Source: Manila Bulletin

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