Report: Trade Remedies in 2020

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Date: 2021 

By: Trade Remedies Authority of Vietnam - Ministry of Industry and Trade

In 2020, COVID-19 pandemic had negative impact on the global economy. However, Vietnam's economy still grew by 2.91% and became one of the few countries with positive growth in the Asia-Pacific region. Vietnam's exports in 2020 also gained a positive growth rate, with trade surplus recording nearly $19.1 billion. 

Along with increase in export turnover, in 2020 Vietnam also recorded increase in the number of Trade Remedies cases initiated against Vietnamese exports with a total of 39 cases (2.5 times higher than those in 2019 and nearly 20% of total cases since 1995). In addition, Vietnam also initiated 05 anti-dumping investigations, 01 anti-subsidy investigation, completed 04 anti-dumping investigations initiated since 2019 and reviewed 04 trade remedy measures applied. 

Trade Remedies Authority of Vietnam performed Annual report in Trade Remedies in 2020 to provide information on trends of applying trade remedies of countries in the region and in the world as well as the implementation of Vietnam's trade remedies.

The report (in Vietnamese) is attached below:

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Report: Trade Remedies in 2020
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