Newsletter on Trade Remedies No 7, Quarter III/2015

25/12/2015 12:00 - 2070 Views

“Trade Remedies Newsletter” is the quarterly publication of the Trade Remedy Council (TRC) – WTO Center – Vietnam Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

The News Column of this Newsletter will provide you with updated information on the situation and proceedings of trade remedy cases (including Anti-dumping, Anti-subsidy and Safeguard measures) applied in Vietnam as well as worldwide affecting directly or directly Vietnamese exports.

The In-Focus Column concentrates on analyzing emerging trade remedies cases; researching and commenting on hot trade remedy issues which have significant effects on Vietnamese businesses. In addition, the Column entails provisions on proceedings and procedures of trade remedy investigation that enterprises may concern.

We do hope that the Newsletters on “Trade Remedies” will become an useful publication for businesses to enhance their understanding and ability as trade remedy investigation overseas as well as accustome to trade remedy tools against unfair imported goods.

The newsletter is edited with the co-operation of IDVN Lawyers.

This number of Newsletter on Trade Remedies will be focused on topic: 
Anti-dumping - Risks from limitations of Accounting and data systems

Source: Center for WTO and Economic Integration (VCCI)

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