Mexico issues preliminary conclusions on anti-dumping investigation into cold-rolled steel from Vietnam

27/09/2023 03:04 - 0 Views

The International Commercial Practices Unit (UPCI) of the Mexican Ministry of Economy has issued preliminary conclusions on the anti-dumping investigation into cold-rolled steel imported from Vietnam, the Ministry of Industry and Trade’s Trade Remedies Authority of Vietnam (TRAV) announced. 


Accordingly, the margin of dumping ranges from 12.77%- 81.06%. Under the Mexican trade law, all concerned parties have 20 days from the date of the preliminary findings to submit comments and counterarguments.


This marks the second trade defence investigation initiated by Mexico against Vietnam, according to the TRAV.


Previously, Mexico also initiated an anti-dumping investigation into galvanised steel products in 2021. The final conclusion for this investigation is expected to be issued in January 2024.


To protect the legitimate rights and interests of businesses, the TRAV recommended that those involved in the production and export of relevant products continue monitoring the situation, fully comply with the requirements of the Mexican investigating authority, and maintain close connection with the TRAV throughout the investigation process./.

Source: Vietnam Plus

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