Australia postpones ruling on galvanized steel review

07/06/2023 10:03 - 11 Views

Australia’s Anti-Dumping Commission has decided to extend the deadline to announce the final ruling of the sunset review of zinc coated (galvanized) steel AD duties on imports from China, South Korea and Taiwan.


The final report containing a recommendation to the Minister now is scheduled to be made no later than 22 June, almost a month later than the initial due date, Kallanish notes.


The Deputy Commissioner Investigations requested the extension because of submissions received in response to the Statement of Essential Facts (SEF) on the commission’s analysis and findings. it requires time to assess the impact of the submissions.


The sunset review commenced in August last year into AD measures against goods under HS codes 7210.49.00.55, 7210.49.00.56, 7210.49.00.57, 7210.49.00.58, 7212.30.00.61, 7225.92.00.38 and 7226.99.00.71 (see Kallanish passim).


The current AD duties against these goods from China, South Korea and Taiwan are 0%-20.6%, 2.4%-13.7% and 2.4%-28.2%, respectively. The countervailing duties imposed on Chinese exports are between 0% and 22.8%.

Source: Kallanish


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