Vietnam - Safeguard measures on Monosodium Glutamate (SG03)

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This is a safeguard investigation initiated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam on September 1st 2015 based on the petition filed by Vedan Vietnam Enterprise Corp., Ltd.

I. Relevant information:


1. Petitioner:  Vedan Vietnam Enterprise Corp., Ltd.


2. Product under investigation: monosodium glutamate (MSG) imported into Vietnam.


3. Scope of investigation: HS number: 2922.42.20


4. Period of investigation: 2011 – 2014


5. Final Safeguard Measures:


Effective date Tariff rate
25/03/2016 – 24/03/2017 4.390.999 VND/tonne
25/03/2017 – 24/03/2018 3.951.899 VND/tonne
25/03/2018 – 24/03/2019 3.556.710 VND/tonne
25/03/2019 – 24/03/2020 3.201.039 VND/tonne
from 25/03/2020 on 0 VND/tonne
(if not extended)

Safeguard measures above shall enter into force on the 15 days following that of the Decision No. 920/QĐ-BCT issued and these measures are applied to imports of products originating in all nations, except some countries listed in Appendix 1 in the Notice of imposing official safeguard measures.


II. Case calendar:


Date (D/M/Y)


08/09/2015 The inquiry agency sent questionnaires to relevant parties
19-23/10/2015 The inquiry agency proceeded to review some enterprises producing like products and/or directly competitive products (domestic industry), based on researching the information from questionnaires.
21-23/12/2015 The inquiry agency proceeded to review import enterprises who had answered questionnaires.
19/01/2016 Public consultation about safeguard investigation against imports of MSG into Vietnam
10/03/2016 Issued Decision No. 920/QĐ-BCT on official safeguard measures
26/03/2018 Decision No. 958/QĐ-BCT on mid-term review on the application of the safeguard measures
30/10/2018 Decision No. 4085/QĐ-BCT on the result of the mid-term review, continuing to apply the safeguard measures as Decision No. 920/QĐ-BCT


The relevant documents (in Vietnamese) are attached below:

Tải tài liệu
1. Vedan application for implementation of safeguard measures on MSG
2. Decision No. 9269/QĐ-BCT - Investigation initiation notice
3. Investigation initiation notice
4. Decision No. 920/QĐ-BCT - Official safeguard measures
5. Decision No. 958/QĐ-BCT - Mid-term review notice
6. Decision No. 4085/QĐ-BCT - Result of mid-term review
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