Russia meets Vietnam about WTO accession

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Russian WTO accession negotiating delegation is now in Hanoi to discuss about joining this organization with Vietnam, the 150th member of WTO.

During the negotiation, the two sides will discuss some bilateral matter such as opening market in terms of goods and services. In the afternoon of April 3rd, Russian representatives also met Truong Dinh Tuyen, Minister of Vietnam Trade Ministry, to discuss Vietnam’s WTO accession.

On principle, Vietnam, as a member of WTO, has the right to ask for a bilateral negotiation with Russia. Hence, from the view-point of Vietnam, the two countries have had a good friendship and Russia has almost finished negotiating with other partners, Vietnam did not require an official bilateral negotiation. Accordingly, the two sides will meet to resolve and get mutual thoughts on some matter such as opening goods and service market.

Russia’ WTO joining process began in 1993 but it was not until November 11th, 2006 that the country signed the bilateral agreement with The United States. Up to now, Russia has ended its bilateral negotiations with 56 WTO members and would be able to join the organization this year.

The Ministry of Trade has recently sent letters to enterprises, noting about the right to negotiate with countries and territories who want to become WTO members after Vietnam’s accession. There are 28 countries and territories on negotiation at different rates, among which are strong economies such as Russia, Belarus and Algeria.

Ministry of Trade asked for ideas from organizations, individuals and especially from enterprises on negotiations with those countries/territories in terms of aspects such as the barriers they face and their interests on those countries/territories. Basing on those ideas, the relationship with each partners, and WTO regulations, Ministry of Trade will consider negotiating with particular partners.

Phuoc Ha


Source: vietnamnet
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