Paper Shopping Bags - The US investigates anti-dumping measure

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On June 20, 2023, the US Department of Commerce (DOC) initiated an anti-dumping investigation on paper shopping bags imported from Cambodia, China, Colombia, India, Malaysia, Portuguese, Taiwan, Turkey and Vietnam, China and India also separately under anti-subsidy investigation (case No. A-555-002, A-570-152, A-301-805, A-533-917, A-557-825, A-471-808, A-583-872, A-489-849, A-552-836).


I. Relevant information:


1. Initiated date: June 20, 2023


2. Goods under investigation: Paper shopping bags under HS codes: 4819.30.0040 and 4819.40.0040


3. Investigation period: From October 01, 2022 to March 31, 2023


4. Petitioner: The Coalition for Fair Trade in Shopping Bags (The US)


5. Preliminary conclusion:

On July 17, 2023, The US International Trade Committee (USITC) issued a Preliminary conclusion stating there were domestic damages due to the dumping activities of the investigated countries and subsidy activities of China and India.


II. Case calendar:

Date (D/M/Y)



Anti-dumping investigation initiation

Issued Quantity and Value Questionnaire for Vietnamese businesses

17/07/2023 Preliminary conclusion of USITC


The case documents are attached below:

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1. Investigation initiation notice
2. Quantity and Value Questionnaire
3. Preliminary conclusion of USITC
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