What is the minimum level of imports (de-minimis margins) from a country and from an individual exporter below which such exporter or country is to be excluded from the scope of Anti Dumping investigation/duties?

18/08/2008 12:00 - 2270 Views

Individual exporter: Any exporter whose margin of dumping is less than 2% of the export price shall be excluded from the purview of anti-dumping duties even if the existence of dumping, injury as well as the causal link is established.
Country: Further, investigation against any country is required to be terminated if the volume of the dumped imports, actual or potential, from a particular country accounts for less than 3% of the total imports of the like product.
However, in such a case, the cumulative imports of the like product from all these countries who individually account for less than 3%, should not exceed 7% of the import of the like product.
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