United States – Investigation safeguard measure on Fine Denier Polyester Staple Fiber

14/03/2024 10:08 - 249 Views

On March 11, 2024, the Trade Remedies Authority of Vietnam (TRAV) received notice from the World Trade Organization (WTO) about the United States International Trade Commission (USITC) initiating a global safeguard investigation with artificial staple fiber products from polyester (Fine Denier Polyester Staple Fiber).


I. Relevant information


1. Date of initiation of investigation: March 11, 2024.


2. Item under investigation: Artificial staple fiber from polyester (Fine Denier Polyester Staple Fiber) with HS Code: 5503.20.0025.


3. Plaintiff: US manufacturers of man-made polyester staple fibers, including: Fiber Industries LLC d/b/a Darling Fibers; Nan Ya Plastics Corp., America; and Sun Fiber LLC.


4. Reason for the allegation: The plaintiff alleges that the import of artificial staple fibers from polyester has increased sharply compared to domestic production and consumption, causing serious damage and affecting the domestic production industry.


II. Case calendar 




The United States initiated the investigation.


The case documents are attached below:

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