Seven enterprises assigned to import more than 100,000 tonnes of sugar

28/09/2022 07:50 - 27 Views

Seven enterprises were assigned tariff quotas with a total volume of 109,000 tonnes at the sugar import auction organised by the Ministry of Industry and Trade.


Of which, five enterprises were assigned to import raw sugar and the others were assigned refined sugar.


The Ministry of Industry and Trade held a session to allocate import tariff quotas for sugar products by auction last Friday.


Eight enterprises submitted documents and participated in the auction, including six enterprises registering to import raw sugar and two refined sugar.


Deputy Minister of Industry and Trade Trần Quốc Khánh said that to ensure a fair competitive environment between domestically produced sugar and imported sugar, the Ministry of Industry and Trade issued Decision No 1569/QĐ-BCT dated August 5 this year on the establishment of the Council for the allocation of tariff quotas for sugar imports through the auction method.


According to the plan announced in Decision 1649/QĐ-BCT dated August 22 of the Ministry of Industry and Trade, the amount of imported sugar allocated by auction method is 113,000 tonnes this year, including 79,000 tonnes of raw sugar and 34,000 tonnes of refined sugar.


The Deputy Minister also said sugar importers will be subject to trade remedy tax of the Ministry of Industry and Trade if they import sugar from countries on the list of taxable countries.


Previously, the Minister of Industry and Trade signed and promulgated Decision No 1578/QĐ-BCT applying anti-dumping tax and official anti-subsidy tax on a number of cane sugar products from Thailand on June 15 last year.


The Ministry continued to issue Decision No 1514/QĐ-BCT applying measures to prevent evasion of trade remedies for a number of cane sugar products imported from Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Indonesia, Myanmar on August 1. 


Source: Việt Nam News

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