Polyester Staple Fiber – Brazil investigates anti-dumping measures

05/06/2024 04:34 - 39 Views

Trade Remedies Authority of Vietnam received notice that the Secretaria de Comércio Exterior (SECEX) under the Brazilian Ministry of Development, Industry, Trade and Services initiated an anti-dumping investigation on artificial staple fiber from polyester (Polyester Staple Fiber) imported from China, India, Vietnam, Malaysia and Thailand, specifically as follows:


I. Relevant information


1. Date of initiation of investigation: 10/04/2024.


2. Item under investigation: Polyester Staple Fiber


HS code: 5503.20.90.


3. Plaintiff: ABRAFAS Fibras Artificiais e Sintéticas


4. Alleged dumping margin

  • China: USD 467,64/t / 45%
  • Vietnam: USD 385,25/t / 39,3%
  • Thailand: USD 288,64/t / 26,9%
  • Malaysia: USD 459,43/t / 49,1%


II. Case calendar 




SECEX initiated investigation

The case documents are attached below: 

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