Exports to France reached 3.6 billion USD in 2022

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According to the statistics figures of the General Department of Customs, the export turnover of Vietnamese goods to France in December of 2022 reached 252.6 million USD, down by 20.9% compared to the previous month.


In 2022, it reached 3.69 billion USD, up by 15.1% over the previous year.


In recent years, France has always been one of the leading trade partners of Vietnam in the EU.


Phones and components were the items with the largest export turnover to the French market in 2022, reaching 669.5 million USD, down by 7.5%, accounting for 18.1% of the export proportion. It was followed by textiles and garments, reaching 658 million USD, up by 21.6%, accounting for 17.8% of the total export share. And then footwear of all kinds, reaching 634.7 million USD, up by 40.8%, accounting for 17.1% of export proportion.


In 2022, a number of products exported to France saw an increase in export turnover compared to the same period last year, such as toys, sports equipment and parts increased by 38.4%; coffee increased by 104.6%; coffee increased by 94.5%; machinery, equipment, tools and spare parts increased by 43.1%.


Imported agricultural and food products provide up to 20% of the annual domestic consumption in France. According to data, nearly two-thirds of the shrimp and fish consumed in France are imported. At the same time, more than half of the vegetables and fruits consumed in France are imported.


In addition to the reason for the continuous decrease in the cultivated area, one of the other important reasons is the continuous increase in market demand for imported fruit juices and fruits (such as avocado, mango, dragon fruit, etc.).


Although France is Europe's leading country in organic farming, with high demand, its supply of organic agricultural products is only enough to supply 67% of domestic demand. Therefore, up to one-third of organic food consumed domestically in France must be imported.


Source: VITIC

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