Decision 824/QD-TTg approving the project "Strengthening state management in combating trade remedies evasion and origin fraud"

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On July 4, 2019, the Prime Minister approved the project "Strengthening state management in combating trade remedies evasion and origin fraud"

The objective of the Project is to improve the efficiency of the international economic integration process, especially the participation in new generation Free Trade Agreements, to ensure the serious and effective implementation of commitments in the framework of the World Trade Organization (WTO), signed Free Trade Agreements (FTAs).

At the same time, preventing acts of trade remedies evasion, especially fraud of goods origin, in a comprehensive, synchronous and timely manner, helping to effectively exploit international commitments, sustainable development of import and export; protecting Vietnam's rights and interests in international trade; protecting the interests of genuine production and business enterprises.

The main solution of the Project is to strengthen state management of export, import and foreign investment activities; raising awareness and effective enforcement of legal provisions on trade remedies, origin, customs, and combating evasion of trade remedies; reviewing, formulating, amending and supplementing legal documents on combating evasion of trade remedies and origin fraud; preventing and strictly handling acts of trade remedies evasion and fraud of origin of goods.

In order to strengthen the state management of export, import and foreign investment activities, the Project will promote the monitoring of import and export situation with major trading partners in order to warn of the risk of trade remedy lawsuits, trade remedies evasion, helping businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises proactively prevent and respond to trade remedy lawsuits, towards sustainable exports ; implementing early warning of the risk of being investigated against trade remedies evasion, origin fraud through monitoring import and export activities of shipments (including temporary import for re-export, transshipment, transit ) that are subject to trade remedies by important economic partners in order to make timely recommendations; strengthening the inspection and fighting against acts of commercial fraud on the origin of goods nationwide; diversifying export markets, avoiding excessive dependence on a specific market to minimize the negative impact of being applied anti-circumvention measure,...

The decision (Vietnamese) is attached below:
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Decision 824/QD-TTg
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