Ammonium nitrate compounds - Australia investigates anti-dumping measures

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On June 8, 2022, the Australian Anti-Dumping Commission (ADC) announced the initiation of an anti-dumping investigation (AD) on ammonium nitrate compound products originating from Chile, Lithuania and Vietnam (Case No. 605).


I. Relevant information:
1. Initiated date: 
June 8, 2022

2. Petitioner: CSBP Company Limited; Orica Australia Pty Company Ltd; Queensland Nitrates Pty Ltd

3. Goods under investigation: Ammonium nitrate compounds in solid form, in pellets or granules or other solid forms, with or without additives and coatings, in bales of more than 10 kg.
4. Investigation period:

- Period of dumping investigation:
01/04/2021 – 31/03/2022

- Period of injury investigation: from 01/04/2018


5. Preliminary conclusion:


On May 30, 2023, Australia Anti-Dumping Commission (ADC) issued the Statement of Essentials showing that the damages caused by dumping activities were negligible. ADC suggested not to apply any anti-dumping measures.


6. Final conclusion:


On August 08, 2023, ADC issued the final conclusion, stating that the damages caused by dumping activities were negligible and terminating the investigation on Vietnamese goods without applying an anti-dumping measure.

II. Case Calendar:

Time (D/M/Y)



Initiation of anti-dumping investigation

30/05/2023 ADC issued the Statement of Essentials
08/08/2023 Issued final conclusion, terminated the investigation


The case file is attached below:

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1. Notice of initiation of investigation
2. Request file (public version)
3. Survey Questionnaire
4. Statement of essentials
5. Final conclusion
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