Actions against imports into Vietnam

Vietnam - Anti-dumping measures on H-shaped steel


On October 5, 2016, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce issued Decision No. 3993/QD-BCT on initiation of an investigation into alleged dumping on H-shaped steel products imported into Vietnam originating from the People's Republic of China (including Hong Kong) (case number AD03).
Vietnam - Anti-dumping measures on Pre – painted Galvanized Steels


This was an anti – dumping investigation initiated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam on March 3rd 2016 against imports of pre – painted galvanized steel originating from China, including Hong Kong and Korea.
Vietnam - Safeguard measures on Pre – Painted Galvanized Iron


This is a safeguard investigation initiated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam on July 6th 2016.
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Actions against exports from Vietnam

U.S - Anti-dumping measures on Tool chests and cabinets


In May 01, 2017, Department of Commerce of United States issue a notification to initate an anti-dumping duty investigation against tool chests and cabinets imported from Vietnam and China
Australia - Anti-dumping measures on Aluminium extrusion


On August 16, 2016, the Anti-Dumping Commission of Australia has decided to initiate the investigation applying anti-dumping measures (AD) and anti-subsidy (CVD) against  the "aluminium extrusion" imported from Malaysia and Vietnam.
Australia - Anti-dumping measures on Quicklime


In April 2016, the Anti-Dumping Commission of Australia issued Anti-Dumping Notice No. 2016/40 initiating an ant-dumping investigation against quicklime exported from Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam.
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