Vietnam - Safeguard measures on Pre – Painted Galvanized Iron (SG05)

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This is a safeguard investigation initiated by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Vietnam on July 6th 2016 based on the petition filed by Dai Thien Loc Joint Stock Company, Nam Kim Joint Stock Company, and Ton Dong A Joint Stock Company on May 24th 2016.
Scope of investigation: Pre – Painted Galvanized Iron under HS codes 7210.7010, 7210.7090, 7212.4010, 7212.4020, 7212.4090, 7225.9990, 7226.9919, 7226.9999.

Period of investigation: 01/01/2013 – 31/12/2015.


Final decision: Application of the following import quotas to countries/ regions:
  Import quotas not subjected to safeguard tax (ton) Non-quota safeguard tax rate
  China Korea Taiwwan Other countries/ regions Total quotas not subject to safeguard tax
First year
(15/6/2017 - 14/6/2018)
323,120 34,451 14,428 8,680 380,679 19.00%
Second year
(15/6/2018 - 14/6/2019)
355,432 37,897 15,871 9,547 418,747 19.00%
Third year
(15/6/2019 - 14/6/2020)
390,976 41,686 17,458 10,502 460,622 19.00%
Forth year
(From 15/6/2020 on (if not extended)
0 0 0 0 0 0.00%

Note: Does not apply to 09 enterprises with high quality color corrugated products, including:
STT Corporation under exemption Exempt Decision No. Products exempted Exempted amount in 2017 (ton)
1 Công ty TNHH Panasonic Việt Nam 2934/QĐ-BCT PCM, VCM, PEM 5.000
2 Công ty TNHH LG Electronics Việt Nam Hải Phòng 2935/QĐ-BCT PCM, VCM 12.000
3 Công ty TNHH điện lạnh Hòa Phát 2936/QĐ-BCT PCM, VCM 200
4 Công ty TNHH điện tử Samsung HCMC CE Complex 2937/QĐ-BCT PCM, VCM 3.687
5 Công ty CP Viettronics Tân Bình 2938/QĐ-BCT PCM, VCM 364
6 Công ty TNHH điện máy Aqua Việt Nam 2939/QĐ-BCT PCM, VCM 8.491
7 Công ty CP đầu tư, xây lắp và vật liệu xây dựng Đông Anh 2940/QĐ-BCT PVDF 1.060
8 Công ty TNHH đầu tư xây dựng Pride Việt Nam 2941/QĐ-BCT PVDF 3.000
9 Công ty CP bao bì kim loại Việt Nam 2942/QĐ-BCT Thép tấm không hợp kim tráng thiếc, đã in, sơn phủ 1.500

II. Dossier of the case
Date Event
24/05/2016 A petition for the imposition of a safeguard measure is filed
06/06/2016 The Ministry of Industry and Trade certifies that the Claim is complete and valid
06/07/2016 Notice of investigation initiation
(Decision No. 2847/QĐ-BCT)
08/08/2016 Issuance of questionnaire for domestic the manufacturer and importer 
22/12/2016 The Ministry of Industry and Trade issued Decision No. 4993 / QD-BCT to extend the investigation to March 6, 2017
16/02/2017 Public hearing
31/05/2017 The Ministry of Industry and Trade makes a decision to apply an official safeguard measure (Decision No. 1931/QĐ-BCT)
19/06/2017 The Ministry of Industry and Trade has updated the quota certificate form, seal sample and contact point of quota management agencies in China, Korea, Taiwan territory and other countries.
28/07/2017 Isuance of Decision No.2934 to exempt the application of safeguard measures for imported color corrugated iron for 09 enterprises in 2017 (Decision No. 2934/QĐ-BCT)
09/02/2018 Amend the decision on the imposition of safeguard measures (Decision No. 536/QĐ-BCT)
27/12/2018 Issuance of 12 Decisions on exemption from applying safeguard measures
01/02/2019 4 Decision on exemption from applying safeguard measures for imported high quality color corrugated iron
31/05/2019 Issuance of Decision 1387 / QD-BCT to exempt the application of safeguard measures for Samsung HCMC CE Complex Electronics Co., Ltd.
5/6/2019 Issued Decision 1561 / QD-BCT on amending Decision 1931 / QD-BCT on the application of safeguard measures and replacing Decision 536 / QD-BCT
16/08/2019 Decision on additional exemptions from applying safeguard measures for Aqua Electrical Vietnam Co., Ltd. (Decision No. 2589/QĐ-BCT)
11/09/2019 03 Decision on exemption from applying safeguard measures
13/09/2019 Issued Official Dispatch No. 796/PVTM-P2 to receive dossiers of request for final review
4/10/2019 Issued Decision 3007/QD-BCT to exempt the application of safeguard measures for Savican JSC
7/10/2019 Issuing Official Letter No. 873/PVTM-P2 Notice of application for exemption of 2020
16/12/2019 Issuing Decision 3582/QD-BCT exempting the application of safeguard measures for Vietnam Metal Packaging Joint Stock Company
Issuing Decision 3584/QD-BCT to exempt the Vina-Sanwa Company Limited from applying safeguard measures
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