Handbook on trade remedies for businesses exporting to the EU, the UK and Northern Ireland

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Date: 03/2022


By: Trade Remedies Authority of Vietnam - MOIT


In the context of international economic integration, exporters are likely to face many trade remedy investigation cases from abroad, especially from partner countries that have signed FTAs with Vietnam. In 2020, the EVFTA Agreement and the UKVFTA Agreement were signed and came into effect


With the implementation of the EVFTA and UKVFTA, businesses need to prepare and guide in the field of trade remedies to respond appropriately in the event that an investigation is initiated by member countries of the Agreement. use trade remedies. In the current context, it is necessary to develop a handbook to guide exporters in dealing with trade remedy cases investigated by the EU and UK and applied to Vietnamese exports.


Assessing the need to be equipped with the necessary information for export enterprises to effectively respond to cases of investigation and application of trade remedies of relevant partner markets. The Ministry of Industry and Trade actively develops an electronic publication: A trade handbook for enterprises exporting to the EU and United Kingdom and Northern Ireland.


The Publication is attached below (Vietnamese):

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Handbook on trade remedies for businesses exporting to the European Union and the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland
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