Beyond ChAFTA: China’s (Ab)use of Anti-Dumping Measures

15/11/2016 12:00 - 2117 Views

This article explores China’s behaviour in taking antidumping actions against its trading partners with a focus on those actions having been challenged under the WTO dispute settlement mechanism. It argues that the typical motivations behind China’s resort to antidumping include protection, retaliation, industrial development, and export promotion. These motivations would likely outweigh China’s observance of WTO obligations in deciding whether to impose antidumping measures. Using Australia as a case study, the article shows how the motivations may influence China to take antidumping actions against Australia, which would take away the expected benefits for Australian businesses under the landmark China – Australia Free Trade Agreement.The article offers brief recommendations for foreign governments and exporters on steps they may take to avoid China’s antidumping actions.
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