Vietnam - Anti-dumping measures on fiber board wood products (AD06)

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On January 01, 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce issued Decision on initiation of investigation into alleged dumping on fiber board wood products imported into Vietnam originating from Kingdom of Thailand and Malaysia (case number AD06).

I. Relevant information:
Initiated date: April 16, 2019

2. Good in investigation:  fiber board products of wood or other ligneous materials, whether or not assembled with glue or other organic adhesives, uncoated and unwrought, with the HS codes: 4411.12.00; 4411.13.00; 4411.14.00; 4411.92.00; 4411.93.00; 4411.94.00

3. Investigation period: January 1, 2018 to December 12, 2018

4. Petitioner: VRG Kien Giang MDF Joint Stock Company; VRG Dongwha MDF Joint Stock Company; MDF VRG – Quang Tri Wood Joint Stock Company; Kim Tin MDF Joint Stock Company

5. Investigation Result: There are signs of dumping but it does not cause or threaten to cause any serios damage to domestic manufacturers. Conclusion: Termination of investigation without applying any antidumping duties.

II. Dossier of the case
16/04/2019 Initiation of investigation (Decision No. 940/QD-BCT)
05/02/2019 Issuance of the investigation Questionnaire for foreign manufacturers and exporters
21/03/2017  Termination of Investigation without antidumping duties (Decision No. 128/QD-BCT)
 Please find attached hereunder relevant notice of the case:
1. Notice of investigation intiation
1.1. Foreign manufacturers, exporters questionnaire
1.2. Domestic manufacturers questionnaire
1.3. Importer questionnaire
1.4. Issuance of questionnaire Notice
2. Termination of Investigation