US postpones preliminary antidumping decision on threaded rod

12/06/2019 12:00 - 326 total view

The Department of Commerce on Tuesday said it has postponed the release of the preliminary determinations in its antidumping duty investigations of imports of carbon and alloy steel threaded rod from China, India and Taiwan following a request from the petitioner in the case.

The preliminary determinations for the three countries, which were originally scheduled to be released by July 31, are now due no later than September 19.

The deadline for the final determinations will continue to be 75 days after the date of the preliminary determinations, unless another postponement is granted, Commerce said.

Commerce's preliminary results for its investigation into threaded rod imports from Thailand continue to be due by July 31 as the petitioner in the case withdrew its postponement request in regards to the country on May 10.

Vulcan Threaded Products Inc. petitioned Commerce to probe threaded rod imports from these countries in late February. The alleged dumping margins are 57.36%-59.45% for China, 25.43%-28.34% for India, 32.26% for Taiwan and 20.83% for Thailand.

Commerce is also conducting countervailing duty investigations into imports of threaded rod from China and India. In April the preliminary results in these cases were postponed to July 22.
June 11, 2019
Source: S&P Global