US Enforces New Anti-Dumping Taxes On Chinese Beer Kegs, Mattresses

10/06/2019 12:00 - 243 total view

Recently, the U.S. DOC (Department of Commerce) said that it has found out that Chinese-made stainless steel beer kegs and mattresses were being chucked in the U.S. market below the fair value, and that it will enforce preliminary anti-dumping duties.

Mexican and German-made stainless steel kegs are also being slapped with new duties, the DOC said. The U.S. administration is enforcing taxes of at least 79.7% on Chinese-made kegs and 1,731% on mattresses. Leading US mattress companies had petitioned for a reprieve, including Leggett & Platt, Serta Simmons Bedding, and Tempur Sealy International.

The duties are said to be 18.5% for Mexican kegs and8.6% for German kegs. In 2017, imports of stainless steel kegs from Germany, China, and Mexico were of worth $11.8 Million, $18.1 Million, and $5.7 Million respectively, the DOC said. Pennsylvania-based American Keg’s official website stated that it is the only U.S. producer of stainless steel kegs. But to fulfill the demand for a range of keg styles and sizes, it will “persist to source and import kegs from overseas while we grow our national keg manufacturing abilities,” it stated. The U.S. in 2017 imported around $436.5 Million Chinese-made mattresses, the DOC said.

On a similar note, earlier, the U.S. CBD (Customs and Border Protection) issued tariff increase notice and allowed a grace period. The U.S. Customs agency said it will start collecting a 25% tariff on a $200 Billion category of Chinese goods, which is the final step toward the beginning of President Trump’s planned tariff increase. But a spokesperson for the agency reported the increase to 25% from 10% for more than 5,700 product categories can still be stopped if the Trump government orders a halt. The guidance notice issued on the CBP’s website also permitted for a grace period for US-bound cargoes that are in transit or have departed.

June 8, 2019
Source: World Industry Report