Tool chests and cabinets - The U.S investigates anti-dumping measures

11/05/2017 12:00 - 5355 total view

In May 01, 2017, Department of Commerce of United States issue a notification to initiate an anti-dumping duty investigation against tool chests and cabinets imported from Vietnam and China (additionally, DOC launched countervail duty investigation imported from China)

I. Relevant information:

1. Initiated date: May 01, 2017

2.Scope of investigation: Tool chests and cabinets under the HS Code: 9403.20.0030, 9403.20.0026 and 7326.90.3500.

3. Investigation period: From October 01, 2016 đến March 31, 2017.

4. Petitioner: Waterloo Industries, Inc. (MO).

5. Alleged Dumping Margin for Vietnam: 21.85%

6. Findings on injury investigation: material injury

7. Current statue: Essentail Facts Statement will be issued in Jun 26th, 2017.

II. Case calendar
May 1, 2017 Initiation of an Investigation into alleged dumping
May 26, 2017 ITC Preliminary Determinations*
September 18, 2017 DOC Preliminary Determinations
December 4, 2017 DOC Final Determinations
January 16, 2018 ITC Final Determinations
January 23, 2018 Issuance of Orders
Please find attached hereunder relevant notice of the case:
Antidumping Duty Order
Factsheet Preliminary
Factsheet Final