The U.S. government has been persistent in its efforts to find creative ways to inflate and impose AD duties on goods used by American consumers and businesses. But U.S. authorities reserve their most punitive and abusive practices for goods from China.

This article discusses EU law and practice with regard to tackling circumvention of trade defence instruments, notablyanti- dumping measures.

This article examines trends in antidumping and countervailing duty investigation petition filings in the United States during the most recent 21-year period.

The  WTO panel report on  China –  AD and CVD Measures on Broiler Products from the United States was circulated to Members on 2 August 2013. In the report the Panel examined a variety of issues challenged by the United States under various provisions of the GATT 1994, the ADA and the SCM. 

This paper highlights the severity of China’s AD problems, and high concentration of AD actions taken by the top initiators, noting that China can offer  a higher level of economic integration in an RTA in exchange for improved regional AD provisions.

According to Headway Solar estimates, total Indian solar cell production capacity is approx. 350 MW annually, while the current annual demand is more than four times the domestic production. Headway Solar team has analysed the impact of imposing anti-dumping duties on solar imports in this document.

The Vietnamese pangasius industry has faced AD measures imposed by the USA. This dispute between the USA and Vietnam is known as the "Catfish War". In the estimation, the paper found that although the anti-dumping taxes imposed on Vietnam pangasius, it is not so seriously problematic for exporters in the long-term.

Chien-Huei Wu: Abstract This article  uses the EU’s decision to simultaneously impose anti-dumping and countervailing duties against Chinese coated fine papers as a case study to illustrate the complexities involved in EU’s trade defence regime against products originating from nonmarket  economies.  Four  specific issues  are dealt with: analogue country, market economy treatment, individual treatment and double remedy. In examining  the reasonableness of the...